DICE BOXES...the beginnings

Just a brief Michigan & Trumbull DICE BOXES background history-

Founder and owner (and my older brother), David Thren, is an avid board game buyer/seller, player, and even creator of a few non-published board games.

From Michigan, this Detroit Tigers’ fanatic got his taste for baller board games in the mid ‘80s when a friend bought the 1976 season of an established baseball board game company, APBA, and gave it to him and his brothers. David and “crew” began choosing teams and he has been playing APBA ever since. Shortly thereafter, a Strat-O-Matic football game was being played as well.

After posting a photo of a baseball game David was trying out (with his own personal dice box in the background), order requests started coming in. His love for baseball and passion for board games drove him to begin what now has grown into an interested and invested fan base.

David’s customization of dice boxes, attention to detail, and ability to build outside the “typical” sports model, has piqued the interest of a variety of many inquiring dice box suitors.

Michigan & Trumbull DICE BOXES have already taken close to 200 customer orders and the majority of our great United States.  With production expansion into Canada (mtdbcanada@gmail.com) now an option (shipping orders out to 3 Provinces so far), MTDB will continue to put it’s trays and towers in more board game fan’s homes than ever!!!